Dental implants in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey is a popular and cost-effective option for patients looking to improve their oral health and aesthetic. With experienced dentists and state-of-the-art technology, Turkey offers high-quality dental implant treatments at a fraction of the cost of other countries

Experiencing missing teeth? The loss of even a single tooth can be devastating to surrounding tooth structures. Missing teeth can also extend beyond a person’s oral health and have negative side effects on their social life as well. The best permanent solution for missing teeth in Turkey, is by far Dental implants.

Dental implants are cylinder-shaped, titanium screws. Dental implants are used to complete our missing teeth, in order to achieve the aesthetic look as well as re-creating your chewing function.

To create a smile makeover; well-aligned teeth, a symmetric, complete set of teeth are the main parameters. The Dental implant is the most effective way to replace your missing teeth.  Compared to dentures, dental bridges/dental crowns dental implants offer longer-term solutions and comfort.

The Dental Implant process might seem challenging. In fact not.  Dental implants require more than one visit to the Dental center. The first step placing the implant screw on your jaw bone with short Dental implant surgery. After a few months of healing, we can place the crown on the top of your Dental implant.

In some cases, patients will need a bone graft, sinus lifting too. Staying without teeth for a while triggers bone loss as well as lowers the sinuses. In this condition, you might need additional treatment which completes in the same surgery with dental implants.

A dental implant is a procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts, and damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function much like real teeth. A dental implant can offer a welcome alternative to poorly fitting dentures or bridges, but also an option when the lack of natural tooth roots does not allow for denture or bridge tooth replacements.

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How dental implants are made depends on the type of implant and the condition of your jawbone. A Dental implant may involve several different procedures. The biggest benefit of dental implants is to be solid support for your new teeth, a process that requires the bone to heal tightly around the implant. As a result of the implant, bone healing requires time, and the process can take months.

Why Dental Implants are made?

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone where they serve as the roots of the missing teeth. Since the titanium in the implant’s fuses with your jawbone, the dental implants placed do not slip, make noise, or cause bone damage as fixed bridges or dentures can.


Generally, dental implants may be suitable for you when the following situations are experienced.


  1. Having one or more missing teeth
  2. Having a full-grown jawbone
  3. Have enough bone or bone graft to fix the implants
  4. Having healthy oral tissues
  5. Absence of health conditions that may affect bone healing
  6. Being unable or unwilling to wear a prosthesis
  7. Ensuring the development of speech

Dental Implant in Turkey

Dental implant is a gradual surgical procedure, usually with a recovery period between procedures. The process of placing a dental implant includes many steps, including:

  1. Damaged teething
  2. When necessary, preparation of the jawbone (grafting)
  3. Dental implant placement
  4. Bone growth and healing
  5. Abutment placement
  6. Tooth placement

The whole process from the start to the end can take between 3 to 6 months. Most of this time is for the healing and waiting for the new bone in your jaw to grow. Depending on your situation the particular procedure performed or the materials used certain steps may sometimes be combined or skipped. (Get a free online quotation for your treatment at Master Of Dents)

What are the advantages of having a dental implant in Turkey?

  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Quality equipment
  3. Experienced doctors
  4. 70% affordable price compared to United Kingdom, Nederland, Belgium, Europe or US.
  5. State of the art dental clinic
  6. Enjoy the sea, sand and sun at the same time

Tooth Implant Cost Turkey

Dental implant prices in Turkey are way affordable compared to Europe, UK or US. You can get the same quality dental implant in our country at a less price. In our clinic a dental implant + abutment costs start from only 260$.

In this context, our dental care and treatment, which adopts providing quality service to its patients in Istanbul, has been providing dental treatment and health tourism services in Turkey since 2007 with over 35000+ happy patients, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced dentists and expert staff. You can contact us to have detailed information about dental implant prices in Turkey to benefit from many different privileges that our clinic will provide you and to have a healthy smile.

Our dental care and treatment clinic serving in Istanbul is as close as a phone call or WhatsApp message to you to provide as high quality and unique service as possible with the latest technology tools.

Dental Implant In Turkey For Those Who Have Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons, including because of advanced periodontal disease and trauma. With over 178 million people affected, tooth loss is extremely common among U.S, EU and UK adults.

A person’s appearance, chewing ability and self-confidence are all compromised when they have a missing tooth. If treatment is delayed, tooth loss also invites other oral problems, including tooth decay and bone loss. Believe it or not, however, it is a treatable problem.

While dentures were the preferred method of replacing missing teeth for many years, patients are now realizing the long term functional and cosmetic benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are highly regarded as the ideal tooth extractions solution, for many cases, all around the world. A lot of people travel now to turkey to get Dental implant placed due to the high quality of the services for a really cheap price.

Dental Implants In Turkey Are the Solution

In Turkey, many patients turn to dental implants for a tooth replacement treatment – and for good reason. Dental implants are the only solution that mimics natural tooth structures, is the closest looking to natural teeth, and prevents further breakdown of the jawbone. This is because a dental implant’s post acts like the root of a natural tooth, stimulating the patient’s jawbone. If properly taken care of, dental implants can last a patient for the rest of their life.

Most importantly, selecting the right dental professional for the job, is key to a patient ensuring their implants and results are long lasting. Consider our dental team and an experienced dentist with the education, advanced, technology, skilled team, and caring environment to get the job done properly.

Get Excited For A Smile Today With Dental Implants.

Are you ready to start your journey towards a new and improved smile? Get in contact with our Professor Elnaz Aslan, in Istanbul, Turkey, and schedule your online consultation today!

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9 Indications That a Dental Implant Is Required

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth. They’re a fantastic way to restore your smile and replace missing teeth! However, how can you tell if you require dental implants? We’ll go over what dental implants are and how they function in this blog post. We’ll also go over nine symptoms that you might require a dental implant.

You Don’t Want to Deal With Dentures

Dentures are a popular way to replace missing teeth, but they aren’t right for everyone. They need a lot of attention and care, such as soaking in a cleaning solution and brushing them on a daily basis. They can also be difficult to wear because they can slip out of position. Dental implants may be the ideal choice for you if you don’t want to cope with dentures.

Your Tooth Has Become Infected

When bacteria are able to infiltrate the inside of the tooth, it might become infected. Because an infection in the tooth can damage the surrounding tissue and bone, it must be treated as quickly as possible. In most cases, root canal therapy is utilized to eliminate the infection while still keeping the tooth. However, in some cases, the affected tooth may need to be extracted to prevent infection from spreading. A dental implant is advised in these cases to replace the previously infected tooth.

You’re Self-Conscious About Your Smile

You may be self-conscious about your smile if you have missing teeth. This might have a negative impact on your self-esteem and prevent you from living life to the fullest. In fact, some people are uncomfortable by their missing teeth and avoid smiling or laughing in public. Dental implants can restore missing teeth and give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile that you’ll be proud to flaunt!

Your Dentures Are Loose

Dentures are frequently utilized to replace a person’s entire mouth of teeth. They’re designed to fit snugly in the mouth and remain put without glue. Dentures, on the other hand, might grow loose and start to slip out of position over time. Changes in the shape of your jawbone or gums may be to blame. It’s critical to see a dentist if your dentures are loose because they may make changes to guarantee a correct fit. Dental implants can be used to anchor loose dentures and prevent them from falling out of place in some cases.

You Have a Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can happen for a variety of reasons, including biting into something hard or being involved in an accident. It is critical to seek dental treatment as soon as possible if you have a broken tooth since the longer you wait, the greater the danger of infection and further tooth damage. A broken tooth may be fixed with a dental filling or crown in some cases. The tooth will need to be extracted if it is significantly broken or broken below the gum line. A dental implant can be utilized to replace the extracted tooth in this scenario.

You Find It Difficult to Chew

Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew food properly, resulting in digestive issues. Dentures that don’t fit right can make it difficult to chew correctly in some cases. Dental implants are set in the mouth and can improve your general health by allowing you to chew food more effectively and pleasantly.


You’re Missing One or More Teeth

An accident, gum disease, or tooth decay are all possible causes of missing teeth. Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and speak properly, as well as lower your self-esteem. Dental implants are the most effective way to restore missing teeth because they resemble natural teeth in appearance and function.

You Have a Loose Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is made up of two dental crowns that hold an artificial tooth (or teeth) in place. The entire bridge can begin to fail if the supporting teeth that hold the bridge in place are compromised by tooth decay, trauma, or gum disease. The bridge may become loose and tumble out of place as a result of this. If this happens, you should see a dentist right once so that the bridge can be re-cemented or, in some cases, replaced with a dental implant.

You Have a Sunken-in Appearance to Your Face

When teeth are lost, the bone that supported those teeth begins to degenerate. This can give your face a sunken-in appearance, making you appear much older than you really are. Dental implants can help you keep your face appearing young and healthy by preventing bone loss.

In Conclusion

It is important to consult a dentist as soon as possible if you are suffering any of these issues. They will be able to examine your unique circumstances and make the finest therapy recommendations. Dental implants can be used to restore your smile and improve your oral health in many cases!

Dental implants in turkey

Are Dental Implants In Turkey Worth

Are dental implants worth it: Pros and Cons and What to Expect?

Dental implants provide a solid and reliable solution for the patients who have lost their tooth roots, designed to efficiently substitute the natural tooth and its functionality. Considered as a top-notch solution to restore missing teeth, dental implants replace both the tooth and its root, offering a full restoration in functionality as well as aesthetics. Encompassing another crucial advantage, dental implants averts the consequences of tooth loss in the mouth and jaw, such as depreciation of bone density in the jawbone and shifting teeth in the mouth. When evaluated from the broad perspective dental implants can be considered as a solid investment for your mouth and overall health, which can last over decades.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants provide a wide range of benefits to the patient, ranging from their health, psychology, and functionality of their teeth, appearance, confidence and many more. Even if the implant has been done for nothing other than reasons pertaining to your health, you can be sure that implants will be worth it as they are reliable, permanent solutions which, under the right doctor will never create any discomfort

Dental Implants enables patients to smile with confidence

Totally mimicking the look and the feel of a natural tooth, dental implants help the patients to regain their self-esteem and smile with confidence in every area of their life.

Implants can improve speech

Presence of missing teeth may affect your speaking, pronunciation, and diction; after getting used to your new dental implants you won’t experience these problems ever again. Moreover, as another option for replacing missing teeth: Dentures can fall out of their sockets, causing you to stutter or mumble. You don’t have to worry about this because dental implants are securely connected to your bone.

Full functionality while eating

Securely fused to your jawbone, dental implants function like your own teeth enabling you to enjoy any kind of food without worrying about your teeth.

Dental Implants prevents the depreciation of the jawbone

When you lose a tooth, your jawbone starts depreciating because of the lack of stimulation. Developed to merge with your bone, dental implants are the only restorative method that both maintains and promotes bone development.


The procedure does not affect the peripheral teeth

When compared to other restorative methods, like dental bridges, dental implants do not require any support from the peripheral teeth. Thus your health teeth won’t be affected from the implant procedure.

Secure and a long- lasting option

With a safe and smooth procedure, dental implants offer you comfort and the functionality of your natural teeth for many years. Given that the patient has decided to go under operation by an experienced doctor, chose accordingly with the dental implant brands differences and selected the one most appropriate for their specific case, they are guaranteed to last long and not risk their oral and dental health.

Potential Risks about Getting Dental Implant

Probability of a complication occurring in a dental implant procedure is minimal. Nevertheless, there are always some potential risks involved just like in any procedure. If the patient does not take the aftercare of their dental implants seriously, drinking alcohol, coffee or tea after the dental implant procedure, or treating it in any way they’re not supposed to be, the success rate of implants fall drastically.

Even though dental implants have an excellent success rate, the operation has some risks. Most prevalent complications that occur after an implants surgery are infection, nerve damage, and sinus problems and implant failure. Make sure your healthcare facility implements the essential precautions and runs necessary tests before the operation. To learn more about the safety of dental implants in Turkey, see our blog post: How to choose a Dental Center in Turkey.


Success Rates of Dental Implants in turkey

As a reliable and long lasting solution to replace the missing teeth dental implants offer high success rates. Studies indicate that about 95 percent of dental implants last over 10 years without causing any problems. With a proper operation which carried out by a specialist, dental implants can restore the functionality and the looks of the teeth completely, dramatically improving the quality of life of the patient.

Benefits Of Travelling To Get Dental Implant in Turkey


Since you are reading this article, you probably already know that Turkey is a popular destination for dental implant treatments. There are a couple of points to consider when planning a dental holiday for dental implants in Turkey; treatment duration, flight tickets, accommodation, airport, hotel, clinic transfers and more. In this article we will explain these expenses for you. But, can you really reduce your treatment expenses by having dental implants in Turkey after adding the costs of flight tickets and hotel?

Well, our answer would be: DEFINITLY YES.


Dental Implant Treatments in Turkey are much cheaper than in the UK. There are various reasons behind this. First of all, Dental Implants are very popular and in high demand in Turkey. Instead of having temporary and uncomfortable denture solutions for missing teeth, people opt in for dental implant supported fixed prosthetics option which we expect to last for many many years. Because of this demand, dentists buy dental implants in bulk for cheaper. Therefore, dental implant costs in Turkey are quite cheaper than many other countries.

Another reason for this is the low legal costs. Dental Indemnity insurance in Turkey is much cheaper than in the Europe, US and the UK. The reflection of these low legal costs are clearly visible on the fees for Dental Implants in Turkey.



Dental implant procedures ideally require 2 visits to Turkey. If booked in advance, flights tickets to Turkey can be found as cheap as 250$ for return flights. Moreover, in Alyans Clinic, we provide free 5 star accommodation and private car transfers at no extra cost. Therefore, 2 return flights priced at 250$ to 400$ will cost a total of 650$ and that’s it, you don’t have any expenses to think about other than your flight tickets.



Dentists in Turkey are quite experienced in Dental Implants field. Most of the general practitioner dentists perform implant surgeries regularly with a high success rate. Also, dental Implant manufacturers are in a big competition in Turkey and they take dentists to courses, symposiums and live surgery presentations for free quite often to get them use their brand. As a result of this, dentists in Turkey have gained a lot of experience in the Dental Implant field. Overall, dentists in Turkey have more than 96% success rate on Dental Implant procedures in their 5 year follow up. Considering the experience of dentists and the quality of work, dental implants priced between 260$ and 750$ can save you a small fortune.


On average, a dental implant treatment plan priced at 35,000$ in the US can be completed for as low as 6000$ including travel expenses. It will not be wrong to expect a 60% to 75% cheaper quotation from dental clinics in Turkey.



Since Dental Implants are so commonly used in Turkey, reputable and high quality Dental Implant companies have targeted Turkey as a destination for selling their products. Most reputable Dental Implant brands originating from any part of the world are regularly used in Turkish dental clinics. If you have made your own research and you are looking for a certain brand, you can ask your dentist before travelling to the clinic about the availability of the implant brand.


We recommend patients to have a detailed research on the experience of the dentist and the clinic that they are think about travelling, as well as a request for detailed information about the procedure and the availability of aftercare.

You can book an online 30 min zoom consultation with our doctor’s


Dental implants in turkey

How much does a dental implant cost in Turkey?

One dental implant cost in turkey can vary between 250$ to 1000$ depending on the brand.

But before going into the cost of the dental implants, we must point out how the cost of the dental implant is determined, especially at Master of Dent Istanbul.

Many factors are taken into consideration to determine the cost of dental implants:

  1. The type of the dental implant
  2. The number of implants
  3. The condition of the jaw bone
  4. The condition of the maxillary sinus when intending to implant molars
  5. The experience and expertise of the dentist

The type of the dental implant

Determining the type of the implant is usually the task of the physician who diagnoses the condition. Moreover, the lost teeth, the age, the condition of the patient, and the patient’s need for a jaw bone graft play an important role in choosing the appropriate type of implant. Furthermore, there are some diseases such as diabetes that absolutely preclude placing implants.

The number of implants:

It depends mainly on the doctor’s assessment of the patient’s condition. In the event of missing all teeth, techniques such as all on 4 or all on 6 can be used. Moreover, normal dental implants can be performed by using six or eight implants in each jaw. Furthermore, in the event of losing the adjacent teeth, two implants can be performed to replace three teeth. But again, the evaluation must be definitely conducted by the doctor.

The condition of the patient’s jawbone:

In certain cases, you may need a bone graft in the lower or upper jaw. If dental implants are performed without replacing the missing bone, it can lead to a complete failure.

There are many types of bone grafting:

  • Alloplastic: It deals with synthetic material, such as calcium phosphate or calcium sodium phosphosilicate (Bioglass).
  • Autografts: It involves utilizing bone obtained from the same individual receiving the graft and implanting it into the jaw to replace the missing bone.


The condition of the maxillary sinus:

It’s common when a maxillary molar or premolar is lost, the maxillary sinus pneumatics in this region further diminishes the thickness of the underlying bone. This problem can be addressed by maxillary sinus floor augmentation surgery (simple or complex).

The experience and competence of the surgeon play a vital role in determining the cost of the procedure. Certainly, the specialist surgeon with high expertise is paid more than the normal dentist who isn’t a specialist in the jaw and dental surgery.

Overall, the cost of dental implants is subject to many factors which play a vital role in determining the cost of dental implants. The cost is highly variable as it ranges from $260 to $750 for one dental implant.

What Materials Are Dental Implants Made Out Of?

Dental implants, including All-on-4 implants, are made of special materials to create a stable, realistic-looking, and long-lasting replacement for your teeth. These materials are chosen for their special characteristics and ability to give you the best possible appearance and to keep your jawbone healthy.


Successful dental implants became possible when a scientist discovered that bone would naturally bond to titanium. Dental implants are made of titanium or titanium alloys. When they are placed in the jawbone, the bone will grow around the implants and bond with them as if they were bone. This process is called osseo integration and allows the implant to function like a natural tooth root. It holds the new tooth securely in place and also stimulates growth in the jawbone.

The visible portion of the implant—the prosthetic tooth—is usually made of porcelain or another tooth-colored substance. The teeth are custom-made to match any remaining teeth you might have so that they won’t look out of place. If you have All-on-4 implants, you’ll have a full denture that is also custom made. The denture is secured to the abutments of the implants so it will remain stationary but can be removed for cleaning.


Your prosthetic teeth are made of durable materials, but you should take care of them to be sure they’ll last. This includes brushing and flossing to remove food particles from your mouth and to keep your gums healthy. You should also visit your dentist regularly. He might want to see you more often to evaluate the condition of your gums. Gum disease is common among people with dental implants, and any severe problems of this nature could cause your implants to fail.

It’s also important to avoid foods and beverage that could stain your teeth, and to avoid activities that could chip or break them, such as biting on pens and pencils or chewing on ice cubes. With diligent hygiene and regular care, your implants will last you many years.

If you have further questions about All-on-4 implants, or want to pursue implant surgery, call Our Clinic and schedule an online consultation.

Dental Implants in turkey

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Dental Implants in turkey

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Dental Implants in turkey

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FAQ about dental implants in Turkey.

Dental implants are mini-screws that we placed under your gum, inside the jaw bone. They are carrying the duty of our tooth roots once they are healed.

  • We all need a proper chewing function, not chewing properly might lead to digestion troubles, dental implants help us to replace our missing teeth,
  • Dental implants are lifetime solutions,
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss,
  • They look like not different from our natural teeth,
  • A nice smile with a full set of teeth will be helping to build up your self-confidence, which will help you to create bridges whether in your personal or professional life.

No, dental implant surgery is taking place under local anesthesia. Following the oral surgeon after surgery instructions will be helping to go through as comfortably as possible.

There is no fixed time for the dental implants process healing time frame. It all depends on the patient’s age, jaw bone quality, diet, habits, etc. Usually between 2 and 6 months.

After a few months of healing period for dental implants in your second visit, your dental crowns will be prepared by our prosthetic specialist. 

The dental implants surgery process doesn’t require a long time. We would like to monitor you on your first days after the surgery. A 2-3 days visit will be enough for only implants surgery.

  • Once your dental implant is ready for the dental crown we will get you in the clinic to place your Healing cap,
  • After 1-2 days we will switch it with the abutment & get your impression or digital scanning.
  • Then in a few days, your crown will be ready to fit on your dental implant.

Usually, this whole second visit takes a week.

All the dental implants we are using in our clinic are FDA approved, and all have long-term studies that prove they are trustworthy products. And all the teeth dental implants are lifetime international warranty provided.

Dental implants are long-term, lifetime solutions. As long as you take care of your oral hygiene & diet you will use the rest of your life.

Dental implants operations should be carried out by specialized oral surgeons, make sure your implant surgery will be performed by one oral surgeon.

  • Which dental implant will be enough for your need is will be advised after the oral examinations in the dental center. To meet all kinds of needs there are a lot of different dimensions of dental implants available. They are usually between 4 mm to 12 mm in specific conditions shorter or longer dental implants are available too. Diameter is another important factor while planning dental implant surgery. Diameter sizes are typically 3.5 mm to 6 mm, again for circumstances smaller dental implants available as well.
  • Dental implants are placed inside your jaw bone – under your gum, they are not visible.

Each person has a unique state of dental condition, which straight related to many chronic diseases, diet, habits, age, etc. And dental implant treatment process is not only the screw itself. Connection pieces, research of the dental implant brand all will be considered in order to get you the most efficient treatment.

Dental implant brands are always in an innovation rush. They all have their unique surface, connection pieces, abutments, diameters, shapes. Your oral surgeon in our clinic will advise you what the best call for your needs is.

Dental implant surgery is so quick actually together with the local anesthesia process it takes around 20 mins to complete each dental implant.

You will follow your oral surgeon’s post-surgery advice will be helping you to go through the post dental implant surgery period. Some general advice:

  • Applying cold on the surgery area will minimize the swelling.
  • Sleeping with a double pillow is suggested.
  • Avoid crunchy, hot, and cold food & beverages for a few days.
  • Taking the required medications in the suggested periods.

Unless you have a healing weakness, blood clotting illness, or over a certain level of diabetes you can have a dental implant. In these conditions, you need to get approval from your doctor about dental implant surgery.

Unfortunately losing teeth leads to some other problems like bone loss, sinus lowering.

Our teeth roots are held by our jaw bone, once we do have tooth extraction jaw bone gets weaker and bone loss happens. When a dental implant is placed on the jaw, bone re-built itself around the implant again.

Upper jaw both sides premolar to the molar area missing tooth leads up to sinus lowering. Because where our roots finishing sinus starts. When we don’t have a root there in the time bone loss opens room for sinuses to get lower

It depends on the jaw bone condition, the surgeon will make the call after seeing a recently taken panoramic X-ray scan if needed volumetric tomography scan. Most of the time we can complete your closed sinus lifting & dental implant surgery on the same visit. This saves time and one less trip to the dental center.

If your tooth is not infected in your root are most of the time our oral surgeon can extract your teeth and place the dental implant at the same time. To be sure we need to see a panoramic X-ray scan

  • Dental implant surgery doesn’t require general anesthesia or sedation. Dental implant surgery is completed under local anesthesia. You feel the oral surgeon working in there, you feel his touch, but you don’t feel any pain.
  • Surgery can be completed under General anesthesia or sedation too, but this will require another set up which includes;
  1. Anesthesia specialist,
  2. Surgery room,
  3. General anesthesia rules and routines to follow up. For example like diet prior to surgery, one care person for post-surgery. Etc

After the dental implant is placed the surgeon does the stitches. You will have a wound area to heal up, and we don’t want any infection to lead there. Usually antibiotics for a few days, the mouth was, and paracetamol is suggested.

Dental implants are not less comfortable than your own teeth, they will be under your jaw bone. After your healing period is completed your dental crown will be placed on top of your dental implant. Which look no different from your own teeth.

You can start to eat once the anesthesia is off. After the implant surgery, we are recommending not to eat extremely hot or crunchy things for your comfort.

Different dental implants have different rates. The cost of a dental implant is subject to change based on your state. After the examinations, you will be informed about the expenses. Here you can Get a Free Online Quotation. 

We are well aware it is a big step for you to travel to another country for your dental treatments. Which dental center to choose, Is the dental center has enough experience and skills to achieve your dental expectations. Worries, maybe phobias even.

We are trying to offer dental treatment packages in order to get this treatment period as comfortable as possible for you. Please contact us and check with us about what kind of dental packages we can offer.

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